The Effects of Divorce
What Parents Can Do to Help

The effects of divorce on children is a hot topic these days - one about which everyone seems to have an opinion. Some people will tell you that divorce is the single most awful thing a parent can inflict upon a child. And others will say that it is not the divorce itself, but how you handle the divorce that makes the difference for your child.

Every divorced or divorcing parent wants to be reassured that their child is going to come through the divorce and be OK.

Divorced parents want guarantees that their children are going to be much better than OK. Parents want to know that their children are going to be great.

No parent wakes up one morning and decides that this is the day he ruins his child's life? And yet in the back of every parent's mind is this tiny little nagging voice about the terrible effects of divorce on kids. Scary isn't it? You don't want to ruin your child's life, but you're not sure where to begin to help.

So how do you provide divorce help and neutralize all the negative effects of divorce for your child that you keep reading about?

Let's start with the basics. You are the expert on your children. More than any therapist, teacher, or family member, you know your kids. After all, you've been with them from day one. You know the ins and outs of their personalities - things like how they handle stress and what helps them feel safe and secure.
Sometimes though, parents want more.

  • You may want to know if your child's behaviors are a normal part of child development or a reaction to your divorce. Knowing what to expect at each developmental stage of your child's growth can be unbelievably reassuring.

  • You want to know how to talk to your children about divorce when it is such an emotionally charged topic for you and them. Talking to your child about your divorce can be tough to even consider. And yet, it is one of the most important conversations you will ever have. Take your time and follow these simple steps to ease your child's adjustment to your divorce.

  • And you want to know what to say and what to do to ease your child's anxiety about the divorce.

Check out this Bill of Rights for Children of Divorce to see how you're doing as a divorced parent.

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