Online Classes for
Separated and Divorced Parents

Online classes for divorcing or separated parents offer you a way to meet the court's requirement for divorce education, in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

At the Colorado Center for Life Changes (CCLC), formerly Divorce Transitions, we've taught in-person classes for divorcing parents since 1994, to over 14,000 participants.

In the spring of 2009, to better meet our customers' needs, we developed a series of online classes for separated and divorced parents. These classes consist of a series of modules from which participants can choose the most relevant topics for their life situations. Completing three modules is the equivalent of attending the three and a half hour in-person class.

If the Court Orders a Divorce Education Class

If you're looking for an online option to meet your court requirement for a class in parenting after divorce, please take a look at what we offer.

  • 24/7 access, every day of the week
  • The ability to start and stop the class as often as you need
  • Six modules from which to choose to customize the information you receive to best suit your individual situation
  • 24-hour technical support
  • Class content based on the most current research in the fields of divorce adjustment, parenting after divorce, communication, child development, and parenting
  • Each module is comprised of narrated slides, video, and interactive quizzes
  • A Certificate of Completion provided for the Court and your records
  • A study guide and additional articles/resources to download
  • Free access to a monthly follow-up teleconference
  • Links to valuable resources
  • Class content developed by a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (CO) with over twenty years of experience working with divorcing families, and fifteen years experience teaching parenting after divorce classes.
  • Value priced at $15 per module or 3 modules for $36.95

Available Modules

  • When Parents Divorce: Seeing Divorce Through Your Child's Eyes

  • Becoming Parenting Partners: A Co-Parenting Primer

  • Communication Skills for Success

  • We Argue All the Time: Successful, Effective Parenting in High-Conflict Divorce

  • Parenting Plans that Work for You and Your Child (coming soon)

  • Challenges for Never-Married Parents: Keeping the Safety Net Under Your Child (coming soon)

Why Choose an Online Class?

Parents are busier than ever these days, and that goes double for parents who are divorcing and dealing with the many challenges of single parenting. Money is tight and time is short. With an online class, you can meet your court requirement on your schedule. No need to pay a babysitter, arrange for time off to attend a class, or miss out on important time with your kids.

With an online class, you can take the class when it works for you. We have many people sign on to our CCLC classes in the wee hours of the morning. Try finding an in-person class at 3 AM where you can wear your pajamas!

One Size Doesn't Fit Everyone

In the fifteen years that we've been teaching divorce education classes, we've taken attendee comments seriously. Here's a sampling of what we heard:

"Great class, but my situation is slightly different."

"Loved the teacher but my ex is in jail. This information just doesn't apply to me."

"I have a restraining order against my ex, so talking about parenting issues isn't going to happen."

"We were never married and I don't want to share the baby with him. This co-parenting information won't work."

"It's painful to listen to this information about cooperating when my child's father won't even let me see her."

"I know most of this information. I'm looking for more in-depth skills to use as a co-parent."

"How does listening to everyone else's situation help me? I just want to get through the material."

The 14,000 people who've attended our classes have been our best teachers. We listened and from their comments, developed the six modules currently being offered. We plan to continue to add modules, to allow parents to customize even more, the information they receive.

You Don't Need a Court Order
to Take Our Classes

Our modules provide research-based, user-friendly information for separated or divorced parents who are looking to do any of the following:

  • Prepare for a Parental Responsibility Evaluation (better known as a custody evaluation)
  • Improve skills as a divorced parent
  • Get another perspective or gather information
  • Refresh information received from a previous class or reading material

Want more information?

For more information about our online classes and other resources for divorcing families, or to sign up to take a class, please see our website or call our office at 970-407-0463. We're on Mountain Time and our office is open Monday through Friday 8:30 A.M. to 12:30 P.M.

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